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Flaggen vor dem Gebäude der Vereinten Nationen 
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Scientific Policy Advice

The Charité is an important contact point for policymakers in global health. Leading scientists of the Charité contribute to scientific advisory boards worldwide.

The World Health Summit, hosted by Charité, is one of the most important strategic forums in global health.


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Charité - Scientific Policy Advice in Global Health

The German Federal Republic shows great humanitarian engagement and is promoting global heatlh policies. In fact, global health has become a strategic and political priority of the German government.

In the frame of the G7/G20 presidency, Germany has supported the strengthening of health systems, universal health coverage, the fight against infectious diseases and anitmicrobial resistance. Led by the Ministry of Health, the Federal Government is currently developing a new global health strategy to update the German priorities and address new challenges.

Charité Global Health facilitates contacts between policymakers and Charité experts to arrange high quality scientific policy advice.