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Pre-WHS Youth Side Event © Yagmur Demirpehlivan 2023



Pre-World Health Summit Youth Side Event

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Pre-WHS Youth Side Event © Yagmur Demirpehlivan 2023
Pre-WHS Youth Side Event © Yagmur Demirpehlivan 2023

We are pleased to share insights into this year's delegation of the Youth Side Program (YSP), supported by the Charité Center for Global Health organized by (BVMD). Over the past two days, participants actively engaged in enlightening sessions on crucial topics in global health leadership, specialized communication training, and comprehensive advocacy planning.

The collaborative environment has fostered the exchange of ideas and strengthened group dynamics, allowing for the agreement on common goals. These days have promoted a shared understanding of the complex landscape of global health and solidified our commitment to making impactful contributions to the WHS.

At the Charité Center for Global Health, we highly value the active involvement of the next generation in shaping the future of global health. Our commitment goes beyond financial support, emphasizing the importance of collaboration with student organizations. We strive to foster an environment where students actively contribute to and co-create events. This approach not only enriches the learning experience but ensures that diverse perspectives and innovative ideas are integral to our initiatives.

Through active collaboration with student organizations, we aim to provide a platform for the next generation to lead not only in but also in shaping the global health discourse, aligning with our vision of a cooperative and dynamic future in healthcare.


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