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15.05.2024 To 21.08.2024

Vaccine Uptake in Africa

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Event for expert public only

Vaccine Uptake in Africa: Building Competence and Removing Obstacles

The “Uptake of Vaccines In Africa” seminar series is a forthcoming interactive series of seminars that cover the entire vaccine value chain and the planned programmes of the Framework for Action developed by the Partnerships for African Vaccine Manufacturing (PAVM).


The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the stark inequities in global vaccine production and uptake, in particular in Africa, which produces 1% of vaccines used in the region. Triggered by these inequities, the Framework for Action developed by the African Union outlines the PAVM and sets the ambitious goal of 60% of vaccines to be manufactured on the continent by 2040.

This will require addressing the gaps and barriers in the various competency areas that are essential to achieve a successful vaccine value chain, such as laboratory practice, capacity building including research and M&E skills, clinical investigations, regulatory science, fill and finish, procurement processes, distribution, vaccine hesitancy, intellectual property rights and market pull.

To support this goal, a seminar series hosted by the Africa CDC, in collaboration with the Charité Centre for Global Health, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden is planned from early 2024 to mid-2024 on the aforementioned competency areas. The initiative, well in agreement with the scope of the AU-EU innovation agenda, aims to support cooperation in Science, Technology, and Innovation between Africa and Europe.

The series will convene online every two weeks starting from April 17th 2024. Each seminar will consist of 2 x 20 minutes presentation by two paired experts in the field, followed by a live, moderated 45min online discussion with panellists and participants. The tentative list and dates of each topic can be found here

Seminar series on building competence and removing obstacles
Online via Zoom, every fortnight beginning at 14:00 CET


Apr 17 General Overview

Overview of vaccine manufacture in Africa
General PAVM overview

May 1 Market structures and pooled procurement
Market design and demand intelligence
African vaccines procurement pooling mechanism

May 15 Access to finance
Case study: BioNTech - Rwanda modular lab
Access to finance for vaccine manufacturers on African continent

May 29 Strengthening regulatory systems
Health policy and systems research to improve vaccine uptake
African NRAs and RCOREs

June 12 Incentivising technology and IP transfer
Technology transfer and intellectual property
Incentives for technology and IP exchange on African continent

June 26 Infrastructure development
Physical, manufacturing, and intangible infrastructure
Advaocacy for vaccine trade policies

July 10 Vaccine hesitancy
Strategies for vaccine acceptance
Context and challenges of vaccine hesitancy in Africa

July 24 Talent development
Synergies between educational/industry players and capability & capacity centers
Development of regional capability and capacity networks

August 7 Expanding research and development
Case study: African Population and Health Research Center
R&D priorities for African Vaccine Manufacturing

August 21 Agenda-setting and coordination
Strategies for evaluating systems & maintaining investments
PAVM's Framework for Action coordination and monitoring systems

Target audience

  • Academic students and scientists interested in increased vaccine access and production
  • Medical/ global health educators
  • Policymakers and government officials
  • Regulatory authority personnel
  • Donors and manufacturers
  • Civil society actors interested in the vaccine sector in Africa

Expected outcomes of the seminar series: 

  • Deepen knowledge of the vaccine value chain
  • Provide insights into African vaccine manufacturing
  • Develop practical skills for understanding vaccine development and distribution
  • Networking opportunities
  • Enhanced understanding of global health security
  • Reveal obstacles to securing equitable distribution of vaccine production and uptake on a global scale

Fees: No fees are required for participation.

Organizational and administrative matters

Event organizer

Africa CDC
Charité Centre for Global Health/ Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Karolinska Institutet


Online via Zoom, every fortnight beginning at 14:00 CET






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