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mit einer Weltkarte bemalte Hände vor wolkigem Himmel
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Charité Center for Global Health

Many challenges and aspects of disease and health know no national borders; they take place both locally and globally: New infections and multidrug-resistant pathogens, overburdened health systems due to the global increase in chronic diseases, but also changes in society (urbanization, armed conflicts, flight and migration) and environment (climate change) have massive impacts on the health and well-being of people worldwide. While biomedical research is making great strides and technological advances are opening up new opportunities, about half of the world's population still lacks access to basic health services.

The Charité Center for Global Health

  • bundles research on transnational health problems, determinants, and solutions in the field of infectiology at Charité
  • provides a coordination, communication and service platform for global health researchers from other disciplines and individuals and institutions outside the research community
  • acts as an office for national and international Global Health networks